Shropshire and Telford Councils launch environmental support scheme for SMEs

Cool Shropshire and Telford is a sustainability initiative that provides free environmental support to local micro businesses and SMEs. Sponsored by Shropshire Council and Telford & Wrekin Council, the initiative will be supporting up to 1,000 micro and SME organisations in its first year (500 in Shropshire, 500 in Telford and Wrekin). The scheme will open in mid-May, and will be accessible online via the council websites, and the Zero Carbon Shropshire website.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage micro businesses and SMEs to understand their individual environmental impact and set some goals to reduce it over the coming year. Carbon reduction is a long-term ambition for the county; however, the scheme also covers energy use, recycling and waste management, water use, transport, biodiversity, and procurement. This offers a plethora of areas in which businesses can make small improvements such as switching to a renewable energy provider, using smart plugs, or using water saving devices in toilets.

There are various benefits for businesses registered with the scheme. By completing the process, business owners can identify ways to become more energy and resource efficient.  This means companies can save money on bills, reduce supply chain risk, and move away from fossil fuels where possible. In addition, guidance is tailored to local businesses and will signpost to the relevant tools and support provided by Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin councils. 

The county of Shropshire (which also includes Telford) is principally a small business economy, with more than nine out of ten of the 15,870 enterprises having fewer than 10 employees in 2020 (source: Shropshire Economy snapshot). For Shropshire and Telford to make progress, businesses need to behave as a collective; each taking small steps in the right direction to make a significant cumulative impact.

The scheme is powered by Kanopi, an award-winning software service created by E4environment Ltd. Users can register their business, complete a straightforward two-step process, and will then have access to a Green Regulations Review, a Green Goals suite, and achievements record.

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