Climate Change –

What can Market Drayton do?

Climate change is a big topic.  We’ve all heard of it but what can we actually do here in Market Drayton?  A whole lot it turns out…

MDCA have been busy identifying and creating opportunities for everyone right here in Market Drayton. Places, right here in town… and some further afield, where you can reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink, repair and share….

We call these places Climate Action Stations and we put them on a map so you can find them too.

Soon you’ll see Climate Action Station signs at these places in the real world.

Let’s celebrate these places and these local opportunities for climate action.

Climate change affects us all, and we are all part of the solution!

Are you a Climate Action Station?

Market Drayton Climate Action is raising awareness within our local community of climate change, its causes, and impacts. All actions to reduce and reverse climate impacts on people and the environment are important so we are promoting them with our Climate Action Station window sticker. This will draw attention to local efforts and encourage local people to consider how their spending choices can help the climate.