We can’t limit climate change if we don’t change the way we travel.

Private car journeys cause about 20% of all carbon emissions in the UK — and in Market Drayton the percentage is likely to be higher since getting around a rural area without a reliable public transport system is nearly impossible without using a car.

Bus journeys for £2 through March

Passengers can travel around Shropshire by bus for no more than £2 for a single journey until the end of March, thanks to a government fare cap scheme launched this week. The ‘Get Around for £2’ campaign runs from 1 January to 31 March and aims to get more people to travel by bus, and reduce emissions and congestion by taking an estimated two million cars off the roads.

Backed by £60 million of government investment, it will help families, commuters and other passengers save money this winter, by capping single tickets at £2 across England, outside of London.

With the average single local bus ticket in England costing £2.80, passengers can save almost a third of the ticket price per journey. In some rural areas a single ticket can cost over £5.

In Shropshire the following operators are taking part in the scheme: Arriva Midlands North, Minsterley Motors(not including the 38, 701, 722, 55, 738 and 740 services), BP Brown Travel trading as Select Bus Services, Banga Buses, Lugg Valley Travel.

Ian Nellins, Shropshire Council Cabinet member with responsibility for public transport, said, “This is a great opportunity for bus users to save money when buying a ticket, but also a great incentive for people to travel by bus more often, or for the first time. I encourage people to take advantage of this offer when travelling in and around the county for business, shopping, studying or for leisure.”

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Transport survey responses

Nearly 200 people responded to the survey, providing a resounding mandate for our recommendations (see below). Click here to read the full report, and click here for people’s comments in their own words.

The analysis summary reads:

1. People are very much in favour of public transport but there is now a huge mistrust of the bus service due to unreliability and very limited timings.

2. People on the whole would like to go to the nearest town – Whitchurch – which is only a relatively short distance away and therefore should be cheaper than going to Shrewsbury. They want all the facilities that Whitchurch has to offer which are not available tin Market Drayton – rail station, buses going to other destinations, minor injuries hospital and other shops.

3. People want to connect to the rail network to enable trips further afield.

4. The town bus service is excellent but needs re-routing to cover new estates and also the main routes which are used by the 64 – now only two-hourly.

5. The surrounding villages are completely cut off from bus services unless on the route of the 64.

Market Drayton Climate Action’s Transport working group has four recommendations for change

Read the recommendations report here.

Recommendation 1 – Connect Market Drayton to Whitchurch Railway Station by bus.

Recommendation 2 – The local bus service should be reorganised to take in more of the town and extend to outlying villages.

Recommendation 3 – Provide a bus service to connect Market Drayton to Telford Hospital.

Recommendation 4 – Provide some evening services.